6 Years Since My Mother’s Passing and I’m Still Haunted

Deconstructing Dad Blog - 6 years since my mom's passing and I'm still haunted

From 6 Years ago… I can still hear the sound of the life support machine pushing air into my mom’s chest. The constant beeping of more than ten machines pushing medicine into her dying body beating at my brain. I still feel that indescribable feeling you get when the person that brought you into this world […]

A Shitty Day In Therapy

So the other day the ex-wife and I have an argument. Shocking, I know.  Just as the fun filled conversation of disagreement comes to a close, she quickly sneaks in one more thing… to really end it all on a high note.  She simply adds that I am “full of shit”. Perhaps she meant it […]

13 Random iPhone Pics…

My phone currently has 1,561 photos in it’s library. The first photo dating back to New Years Eve 2014. Since then I’ve had 3 iPhones. I recently bought the iPhone X and every time I get a new phone, everything from my last phone carries over to the new phone. For some reason only 87 […]

Grow Up and Get Your Fat Ass Back on that Treadmill You Lazy Ginger!

Remember long summer days and nights being a kid, always on the move, sweating from sun up till sun down and not even being tired from it all? I have fond memories of growing up in West Michigan. Waking up at what felt like the but crack of dawn, but very well could have been […]

So Why Blog Anyway?

So I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, do I want to continue this blog? How do I pick back up, or start off AGAIN when I barely got started in the first place. A metric fuck ton of shit has happened in the 2 or 3 years since I started this blog thing. Back […]

Dealing With My Own Personal Addiction!

I am PISSED! For a couple of reasons, really. Not for anything that I should be pissed off about. Family is doing fine. I’m still employed. I’m back to actually creating things… which is something that has been very hard for me to maintain over the last 2 years. You see, I have this addiction. […]

Out of Gas

I’ve mentioned Podcasting a bit in my blogs. If there is one thing in this world that I could happily make a living at…it would be Podcasting. I am in absolute love with it. It’s Fun. It’s engaging. It’s theraputic. It’s entertaining. It’s something that I feel that I’m fairly good at. I’m not great…but […]

15 Years of Fatherhood

15 years ago I was an early twenty-something with not much direction in life, just hours from becoming a Dad. I was excited and nervous. I had no idea what I was in for…but I was ready for anything. I didn’t have all the answers then, and even now, I still don’t. I can remember […]

Missing Cat Found?

A couple of weeks back now, Jayla came home from school and said to my wife and I, “I think I found Archie!” Now this was a bit of a surprising revelation considering that Archie, our 10 year old Persian cat, (filled with more hate than your average Westboro Baptist card carrying member) has been […]

Did We Just Have An Earthquake?

Michigan Earthquake 2015

So I’m just sitting at my desk, prepping some upcoming blog entries when all of a sudden it happens! The possibility of death happens. First it starts as a whisper… Something is behind my wall. Then. Nothing.   If a real earthquake could be considered the equivalent of the body having irritable bowel syndrome then […]