About Monkey Poo Studios

Monkey Poo Studios (MPS) is a collection of podcasts and creative works by Jason Parsons, A.K.A “The Angry Ginger”, and a team of highly talented individuals who have banded together to make you laugh, cry and generally feel all warm ‘n fuzzy.

We here at MPS spew a wide variety of content from every orifice on a daily basis. So join us won’t you as we hit the field running in an ocean of mixed metaphors and sloppy innuendo.

Remember, we wov you dis much!

Your Hosts

The Angry Ginger


Obsessed content creator and showrunner is a pop culture zeitgeistologist and streaming channel surfer that is fluent in sarcasm. He is chock full of sexual innuendos and is the inventor of Dutch Mud Flaps. Also an Armed Nuclear Security Officer and a divorced father of five humans. Also moonlights as a mild mannered witty writer.

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Photographer. Artist. Sarcastic Smart Ass. Always Nude. Professional Plate Dropper. Hater Of Ham. Purveyor Of Meaningless Rants. Dedicated Procrastinator.

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Matt of Mystery


Amateur impressionist and handy with a spreadsheet, Matt does his best to keep the ship on course but usually fails miserably. Regularly does Star Wars cosplay by himself.  Has he told you lately how he saw A New Hope in the theater when it first came out? (yep, he old)  Oh and don’t get him started on Toro Calican…

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The Silver Fox


Dan Evans – The better looking, other redhead (well, former… it’s more grey now… whatever is left of it) of the Deconstructing Dad Dynamic Duo. (Fuck it, let’s just call him a silver fox).  The former NJ Transit ranting machine, Dan is now enjoying working from the basement of his new home, avoiding camel crickets and trying to figure out what to do with all of that bad 70’s wood paneling in said basement.   

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Not Producer, PHD


Quad fill in, master of spreadsheets, and resident jack of all trades, master of none. She’s commonly seen behind a computer, running the MPS social media while trying (and failing) to NOT troll Matt’s impressions on FACPA. Also the head of MPS craft services, she will make you food like a 80 year old fat Polish woman feeds a family of 25. Hope you’re hungry.

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