Monkey Poo Studios Isn’t Dead!

Greetings Troop members!

I just wanted to take a few moments to say “Hello!” and let you know that I, nor this website, is dead! I know, it could be argued with the way that most, if not all of the content, has been leaking out slower than maple syrup through a steel door, and that’s Dougie’s fault!

Well, the content would be mine, but Dougie, when not keeping things running here at Monkey Poo Studios, smoothly, is in charge of all of the Maple Syrup. Him being Canadian and all.

Anyway, back to the content! Do you miss it? God I hope so because I miss producing it. I miss publishing it. I miss hearing back from all of the listeners, readers, and followers!

So why don’t we just announce something? That’s what this Monkey Poo Studios blog is for anyway. Announcements! Big ones! …and that’s coming. But for now, you’ll have to settle with a few updates, but we here at Monkey Poo Studios would be happy if you were to take it upon yourself to make these updates a huge announcement! Even if it’s to yourself! Though, you’re encouraged to share! Don’t be stingy!

“Where are all the damn podcasts?” 

That’s a great question! Straight to the point and I can appreciate that. Well, as you may know, over the years that have been plenty and many of podcasts that have existed. Multiple shows have ran simultaneously at the same time, while others have come and gone or became seasonal. Cohosts come and go. Ideas run dry and believe it or not, even the Angry Ginger is capable of running out of steam!

After dodging boomerangs, family issues, and a bit of a plague… mental steroids have been procured. The proverbial spinning plates are back up to speed and the idea train is ready to leave the station.

So if you’re a fan of Deconstructing Dad. Good news, more is coming.

Are ya a fan of 7 Days a Geek? Not so good news is coming, BUT… don’t cancel your subscription. Look for an announcement in your feed soon.

From A Certain Point Askew otherwise known as FACPA, (For short… but not too short to be a Stormtrooper!) which should be remembered, and celebrated, yearly… much like Life Day! This podcast is going strong. How could it not with Matt at the helm? While we are currently without a new show or movie, we still have plenty to discuss… though episodes might drop bi-weekly till Lucasfilm and Disney get to dropping new content. Speaking of NEW content! FACPA has put out a call to all of their fellow Star Wars podcasting friends to help us collect stories for our upcoming ‘From a Certain Point Askew’ book. If you look deep in the Wookie Poo Studios lab, you’ll find the FACPA hosts crafting their own stories to add in as well!

Podcasting 101 has been dormant for a few years now and I’ve been itching to get back to having some exciting conversations with my fellow podcasters. The regular format for that show is gonna go through a bit of an overhaul though, so look for that in the not too distant future.

On Hiatus will be going OFF Hiatus! That’s right, Grant The Kilted One has put his money where his mouth is and has agreed to a two year commitment. At least that’s how long it’s gonna take to pay off all of the equipment he bought. So, let’s see if we can keep him on mic that long as well! huh?

More will be coming to this website and from Monkey Poo Studios so please come back often and don’t forget if you like the MPS content, you can become an exclusive member and get exclusive content! We are in the middle of changing how we take payments so once that’s fixed, I’ll be offering free trials to anyone interested!

Thanks so much!

Jason The Angry Ginger


Official MPS office assistant and Troop Member

C. Whimsy


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