On Hiatus Now In Therapy Promo

Just a little promo art for the new Season

Today I decided to play around with A.I. art. There’s an artist that I have used for years for most of the stuff related to Monkey Poo Studios. But after reaching out a few times in Nov and Dec of ’23 and not getting any responses, I figured I’d play around with this and see what kind of results I could get. I will say it’s very hit and miss, though it does create some interesting things, and it’s fun to see exactly what kind of images it will come up with and for a fella without a budget this will have to do for now.

The image below is supposed to be of Grant and I. We’ve had several ideas for a third season of ON HIATUS. Going back and forth between topics and themes, we agreed that the overarching theme would be about us talking about being in therapy. He’s currently in therapy and I’ve been in therapy on and off over the years and may go back again. When I first reached out to TJ, the artist I’ve used in the past, I asked him if he could create an image of the both of us in a therapy office, us in the background both on therapy couches. In the foreground would be the therapist, but in a genius spin on things that I’m sure has never been thought of before, I asked that the therapist be an anthropomorphic microphone sitting front and center. After a few months of not hearing back, I jumped on the ol’ interwebs and asked DALL E if it could create that art for me. After a few tweeks, it spit this one out. I can’t argue with the great head of hair I was given and I tried and tried to get DALL E to give Grant a Mustache that’s more representative of the old Colonel (Sanders) himself, but it just wouldn’t do it with out spitting out a completely different type of image. So I settled on this one. In one of the previous images, It got some of the other features right. Like the therapist was actually a microphone, but it had two sets of eyes. In another, the windows were supposed to have sunshine raining down on me… while it just rained down on the window behind Grant. He’s always yelling at me that “the sun always shines in your world, doesn’t it!?” So it was a little inside joke I was hoping he would catch. I’m guessing that’s what the painting is supposed to represent instead? I asked for it to be crooked, something else that tends to irritated Grant, but as smart as this AI stuff is, it wouldn’t include that tiny little detail! A few things I didn’t ask for but I like is that we both have vitamin D lamps shining on us. I have one at home and use it every damn day. Especially this time of year. After I couldn’t get the microphone to also be the therapist, I attempted to have the inclusion of the microphone to be more of an IV drip that connected to each of us but instead it’s being… milked?

Along with the art, which is being used to promote the new season of ON HIATUS, I launched a preview episode today. It’s a quick 45 minutes that I wanted to get out there to let the listeners know that we are indeed coming back! If you’re interested, you can find the episode wherever you listen to podcasts. It’s also right here at Monkey Poo Studios.















Here are a few of the other images…

A creepy anthropomorphic therapist with 4 eyes and a couple of podcast hosts that look nothing like the podcast hosts that were described.
Look at these heartthrobs! At least it got the weather in the windows right, even though it’s for the wrong person. Is that John Oliver as our therapist?
Should I feel offended?

Thanks for reading!

More to come from MPS!

-Angry Ginger (Jay)

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