You’re a Sad Sack Loser Charlie Brown

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This week on 7 Days a Geek the guys are amped up and geeking out on a variety of things. Would you believe it’s a totally sober geek think tank as well?

In Trailer Talk we discuss the world of The Maze Runner, we get hung up on the early demise of Paul Walker and how cool one of his last movies, Brick Mansions looks. It’s a remake of District B-13 for those of you out there that are into “Running With Style” as Bacon calls it.

In what was meant to be a brief mention of the new trailer for The Peanuts, turns into a foul-long winded soap box speach from Tk1 to that mean one…Lucy! Buckle in folks, you’re not ready for this one.

In Geek news we talk Reboots, Remakes and The Incredibles 2…to give you a hint. Some where between here and Tech talk… we drop grenades on Liam Neeson like any non terrorist daughter would do looking for her father who has a very particular set of skills and may have been Taken 2.

In Tech Talk Facebook and Google go to war! Not really, but Ginger sees it that way. TK1 get’s scared and wants Snake Plissken to just hit the restart button already!


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