Win The Wilderness with Joe VS Carol cuz Love Is Blind 2

  • Win The Wilderness with Joe VS Carol cuz Love Is Blind 2 00:00

In this, the third episode of 7DAG, your favorite streaming geeks get their binge watch on… Dr. Not Producer Kyle of course brings us not one but two reality TV shows. Love is Blind 2 and Win The Wilderness. Neighbor Cole gives her the benifit of the doubt, but Angry Ginger just doesn’t get it… but they agree that Eternals is a much better movie than the interwebs have given it credit for. 

In the news, Larry David returns with his enthusiasim curbed in a new two part documentary coming to HBO. Stranger Things is finally returning and news of it’s upcoming end has been issued by the creators. Also, a lead for the lead in Amazon Video’s ‘Fallout’ series coming from Jonathan Nolan has been cast. 

In our trailer talk segment, Ben Afflack and Ana De Armes breath heavily why hinting that it’s okay for her to take on new lovers… as long as he can maybe, possibly, kill them?

HBOmax has a rather hilarious pirate show coming soon and Peacock hopes that we haven’t had enough of Joe Exotic or Carol Baskins because they have a scripted series that is coming to their streaming service and it just might be as wacky as the Netflix series. 

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