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What Came First? The Cripple Or The Egg?

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In this, the 55th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing:

I’ll be real quick here…You’re going to want to get to this episode A.S.A.P.!Mr. Know-It-All wakes up to a Zombie Apocalypse!  The Ninja is in full panic mode! She’s ready to whip some “Walking Dead” A$$! Ginger runs into Uncle Danny. He likes to swear! He says it’s uncontrollable, but I’m not so sure…has a huge f**king problem with Bob Saget!  Look him up on YouTube…Thank me later d*mn it!   Later that night we all meet up at our favorite hang out, “Dragon Happy Cocktail Hour” or is it “Cocktail Dragon Happy Hour”?  Either way, don’t ask Ginger, because that f***** can’t remember sh*t! At least not in the order it goes in!  Two guys are sitting at the bar discussing the different types of items they’ve actually WILLINGLY put up their a$$es!  Let’s just say one of them vibrates and the other kills people!  Feeling the need to quickly distance ourselves from these guys before we end up in the back of the bar placing bets as to who can get a toolbox up their a$$ the farthest. The fellas (and Goddess) relocate…they soon find themselves in the back corner of the bar.  Near the ice machine.  You know the machine that makes a sh*t ton of noise and attracts a lot of the employees who may need to use this noisy machine for purposes of helping the patrons get drunk.  Yeah we got stuck by that machine!  Speaking of DRUNK… We start talking to a couple of fellas.  These guys also happen to be fellow podcasters.  They live in the D.C. area but they’re huge in Australia!  Or at least one of their d*cks is!  (I don’t know!)  Anyway, what happens in these next couple of hours are the stuff of dreams…or nightmares depending on what side of the f**ked up fence you like to see yourself on.  We here at The Last Podcaster Standing pride ourselves on the f**king insane and down right silly s*** we can get our feet stuck in!  Let’s just say this bar has a very sticky floor…and a wheelchair ramp!It’s gonna be a late night, you better start a campfire and bring some marshmallows.  It’s going to get “eventful” up in here!-Angry Ginger


Tourette’s Guy

Pain In The A$$ Gun

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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