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We’re Legal Now!

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In this, the 18th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

In this weeks “Shooting The Sh$t” segment, we shoot the sh$t. Which is slang for “talking” about stuff. Like our pending trip to Chicago, Mr. KIA’s “Closeup” while shopping for reception halls, our T-shirts that will, or maybe, or possibly should be, ready by the time this posts. (But I can tell you, they are not ready)…(But only people who just read that will know it) And of course, somewhere in all that mess we get sidetracked a half a dozen times on a dozen different topics. That’s MATH!

“Headlines” this week should be read. So click on each and every link and read the stories. They’re really quite wonderful. Also, I am running short on time and did not want to humorously describe each and every headline. If you think you can do it and you have the time… Send it to our Gmail. Then I will take the time to copy and paste it right here—>  <—.

As always, thank you to our friends at GetOffended.Com. for providing us with The Glossary Of Perversion It’s a book you should own. You NEED to own. Find it on their website. Along with the book you’ll find vinyl stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and even panties! If you have a little dirty in ya, check’em out. If ya don’t have a little dirty in ya, check’em out and they’ll put some in ya.

***SPECIAL THANKS*** It’s gotten to the point where there are so many people to thank. The entire blog page would be filled and require you to scroll for an hour. So instead I will just say thank you to all of you. You know who you are. You tweet us. You retweet us. You download our episodes and listen. You pass them on to friends. You pass them on to enemies. You promote us in your blog. You send us emails. You send us voice mails. You send us pictures. You keep us real. You help us grow. Thank you. Each and every f$%king one of you. If not for you, we’d be talking to ourselves. ~TK1


Manual Foreskin Removal

Dad Marks His Teritory

“Special” Corporal Punishment

Flaming Kilt

Miss Guilty But Still Hot

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