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In this episode of Podcasting 101 we hear from Chris, the host of Attention Deficit Order in “How Has Podcasting Changed Your Life?” Believe it or not, he keeps his focus…also, we may have more than one thing in common.

We again hear from Andrew Johnstone in our “Podcast Review” segment and he recommends the zombie survival radio drama We’re Alive! This truly is a fantastic achivement in podcasting. *Reminder* We interviewed the creator/writer of We’re Alive previously so I recommend giving that episode a listen for even more behind the scenes information on the show…then of course, go subscribe and binge listen to the podcast!

In our Interview portion of the show, I’m lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Mike Falzone and his beautiful girlfriend Zoja A.K.A. Coffee Girl (There is an origin story to the name) from Welcome to our Podcast. We talk all about starting a podcast, figuring it all out. How to handle the work load and trying to even that work load out between co-hosts. How to promote a podcast and so much more.

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast, please visit Libsyn.com and use PROMO CODE Pod101 for a free month!

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Thanks so much for listening and KEEP PODCASTING!!!

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