Vol. 2 Episode ONE-REBOOT- Hunters, Locke & Key, Goop Lab

  • Vol. 2 Episode ONE-REBOOT- Hunters, Locke & Key, Goop Lab 00:00

Reboot Volume 2 Episode 1


New Year and a new show, but this time the guys are focused on streaming only content!  In this Episode we return to our roots, but with a twist, as the show launches its pilot episode under the new format!  Enjoy old favorites like: Trailer Talk, Catching up with the Geeks, and What are you geeking out About! Afterwards, kick back and relax with the newest segment Weekly Watch Party!  Don’t relax too much though, because we need your participation as well! We want to hear from the listeners in 2020! Join us won’t you!? Those willy-nilly time stamps are included below!  


BONUS (MANDALORIAN SPOILER):  Jay the Angry Ginger (JAG) was kind enough to look up all the backstory and cannon information on the deadly and infamous “Dark Saber” that showed itself in the Mandelorian. Those are included below too!


5:25 Snow Driving tips from Quad!

12:10  TRAILER TALK (TT) The Hunters (February 21, 2020 AMAZON PRIME)

13.10  Al Pacino goes Dunkacino

23:30  TT The Goop Lab (January 24, 2020 NETFLIX) and Conscious Uncoupling

27:30  Grand and Jay Uncoupled Theory

30:10  TT Lock and Key (February 7, 2020 NETFLIX)

33:55  Off the Rails with memories about NeighborColes (NC) Father



44:40  SoberTober Updates and some possible future Challenges

45:40  NC’s shower activities and workout ProTips

50:25  White people and cold tolerance

52:40  JAG gets eye gouged by Capt. Insano, also Bad Boys geek out!

55:55 Oldest pull in the history of pulls, Blossom

59:25  Happy Death Day Talk

62:25  JAG online Dating

1:04:40  Quads travels/funeral/and Yannis

1:09:10  Gyro Vs. Gyro

1:10:25  Quad the coddling Parent

1:11:40 20.00 Beers!

1:12:40  GEEKING OUT (Coming Up/Staying Current/Throwbacks)  

1:17:20 Bright 2 Updates/Firefly Revamp

1:19:25 Ozark 3 (March 27, 2020 NETFLIX) and Ozark 2 discussion (SPOILER ALERT)

1:21:10  Witcher (Quad berates JAG) and Marriage Story

1:25:40  Rise of Skywalker talk and Han Vs. Greedo

1:31:10  The Torture Report (AMAZON PRIME) and Don’t F*ck this UP (NETFLIX)

1:33:40  THROWBACKS:  Blacksnake Moan (AMAZON)  High Fidelity (VUDU) Higher Learning, Glory, Lake Placid, A few Good Men, Legends of the Fall (CRACKLE)

1:36:40  Ricky Gervais and the Oscars

1:42:10  Courtneys Current Picks:  You S2 (NETFLIX) Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (PRIME) Ad Astra, Last Blood, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker

1:50:40 Weekly Watch Party by Quad (About Time Netflix)  NEXT WEEK NCs Pick! Artic (PRIME) 

1:55:40  NC walks into a hot one!

2:05:00  Show closed and Fun StarWars Song!


Dark Saber Backstory:

The Clone Wars Season 2 Episodes 12,13,14  Season 4 Episode 14 Season 5 Episode 14, 15, 16

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 13 Season 3 Episode 7, 15, 16 Season 4 Episode 1 and 2

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