Vol. 2 Ep 9: Spenser Confidential, Babies, and Overlord

  • Vol. 2 Ep 9: Spenser Confidential, Babies, and Overlord 00:00

Oh where oh where has the Ginger gone?  Oh where o where could be be? That’s right!  Florida! Tune in this week as 1st and 2nd Mic (NC and Quad respectively)team up to tackle the show on their lonesome, SANs one Angry Ginger if you will!  The duo geeks out and catches up! And they do a pretty good job without the red headed tyrant there to spoil their fun! Can they make it an entire episode with out the Ginger?  Check in to find out! Or check the willy nilly timestamps below and spoil all the fun!


3:25 Where is JAG

4:00 Podcasting from over the fence

4:35 NC gets RUN OFT

8:00 Geeking Out

8:45 Spencer Confidential (Netflix)


  • Pause vs Talk debate
  • Will JAG listen?
  • Angry Ginger froze out
  • Quad goes Freudian


13:09 Babies (Netflix)


  • Pitching vs Catching and deep sleep habits
  • NETFLIX you hardly know me!


18:30 The Red Pill (Amazon)


  • Men deserve 50/50?
  • Where do guys go when they catch her hands?
  • Untapped Goldmines….domestic violence centers


23:00 JOJO Rabbit AGAIN!


  • NC has ecclectic taste
  • 33 big Macs


30:00 American Glutton (Podcast)


  • Fad diets
  • KetoTerian with Will Cole


37:00 2:22 (Netflix)


  • Bringing the hear and a pact


39:30 Inception (Netflix) still good!

41:30 Call of the Wild (Theaters)


  • Children’s tears mean good reviews


43:30 I’m not Ok with This (Netflix)


  • Definitely not set in the 90s
  • Popping necks on Exs


46:45 Ugly Delicious S2 (Netflix)

48:00 Catching up with the Quad


  • UFC Johanna and Lee
  • Quads betting like a jackass and ignoring all the signs
  • Family time separate yet equal!
  • Little quad grown up and tackles BJJ
  • Quad wants to roll (and not a joint for the Quad Mother)
  • Joker on Shrink 2 Shrink
  • Quad has a gambling problem
  • NC is boring 


1:01:15 Weekly Watch Party (Overlord HULU)

1:02:20 Is that Jag?


  • And NC doesn’t Tan!


1:04:00 Rating our Overlord

1:11:50 Clip from Overlord and why you should watch this awesomeness!

1:30:15 Quad is sure JAG has seen his pick which he hasn’t but quad still picks it….


  • Hunt for the Wilder People (HULU)


1:31:30 What we Learned!

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