Vol 2. Ep 7: Westworld 3, Clear History, and New Transformers Anime!

  • Vol 2. Ep 7: Westworld 3, Clear History, and New Transformers Anime! 00:00

The geeks are back at it again with this week’s episode and Trailer Talk makes its triumphant return!  They discuss Westworld Season 3 (HBO), I’m Not Ok With This (Netflix), and a new Transformers War For Cybertron “Siege” Anime that is coming soon!  Also the merits of the slow release episode by episode and full on binge strategies are discussed. Finally the NC and Quad rate JAGs WWP pic for Going Clear on HBO.  Controversy ensues, Humiliations flying around all over the place, dogs and cats….living together…MASS HYSTERIA! Check below for the Willy Nilly Time Stamps!


5:00 Studio up in flames?  Cosby wife-beaters and Spanish fly

7:00 Date r@pe drug hour

13:30 Catching Up with the Geeks

14:20 Catching up with Quad


  • Dentist mouth party
  • Therapy reflections on Transgenderism
  • Court ordered vs voluntary therapy
  • What are interns for? 


24:30. Catching up with Cole


  • Shaved head and tanning
  • Weightloss fasting and giving JAG pounds
  • Resetting the ID Tues and 4th grade apathy
  • Tattoo ideas?  Fueling the neighbor


38:45 Catching up with JAG


  • Look ahead/show ideas
  • Good luck Chuck
  • Stow aways and vision boards
  • JAG becoming political and going to Podfest


47:50 Hunters (Amazon) and X-ray

49:30 Trailer Talk

53:00 Westworld Season 3 (HBO) March 15


  • Hatred for Aaron Paul
  • Indestructible Turd vs John Henry
  • Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood are retired by the Geeks


1:00:00 Is Art exempt from plagarism?  Looking at you Shia!

1:03:45 Binging vs weekly release dates

1:06:30 I’m not Ok with this (Netflix) Feb 26


  • Beverly from IT with her puberty powers


1:13:00 Transformers Anime (Netflix) Date TBD

1:16:45 Geeking Out 


  • Quad: Ford v Ferrari, Mr. Right, the Countdown, Lock and Key
  • Romantic comedy’s are great afterall
  • Movie vs book argument resurfaced
  • NC: Hunters, Devil next Door
  • Gets nazied out and learns Yiddish
  • JAG (tune in next week)


1:31:00 WWP Clear History (HBO) 


  • Spoiler alert Quad felates JAG for two movies in a row.



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