Vol. 2 Ep 6: Roboquad speaks from atop The Lighthouse

  • Vol. 2 Ep 6: Roboquad speaks from atop The Lighthouse 00:00

The show is inundated with Artificial Intelligence and Skynet has become self aware.  The Quadfather is replaced by some strange robot and the geeks talk Altered Carbon 2 and Avenue 5.  In the normal universe things run more smoothly and your favorite segments are there to comfort you.  We review the worst movie of all time, and is it possible to get a humiliation before the Weekly Watch Party has even come to conclusion?  Tune in and find out! Also, those Willy-nilly time stamps are included below for you impatient wretches!


6:00 Quad explains his Robo friend

9:00 Beating up the Lighthouse begins

10:15 JAG calls his shot

12:15 Winner of the Secret Phrases Revealed



  • weightloss stalls (NC)
  • tanning a shaved head
  • D*ck colors a study of pigmentation
  • First date/friendzoned
  • Cole is emasculated
  • Hurting quads last feeling
  • NC cuts deep
  • JAG gets bored, deletion of dating apps ensues
  • Cole the shrink?
  • Driver’s training woes
  • Drinking/eating/weight gain?
  • NC submarines sobriety
  • Outsider talk
  • Bateman love …Blinky?
  • Quad is Helen Keller




  • Kevin Smith and He-Man
  • Disney + (Mandelorian, Loki, Scarlet Witch/Vision)
  • Stranger Things 4
  • HBO and Friends (is J. Aniston Hot?)
  • Shrunk (HISTK series/movie?)
  • Estevez returns Mighty Ducks
  • Fresh Prince to be streamed
  • Aladdin 2
  • Better Call Saul 4
  • Crackle “On Point”
  • Pluto TV
  • The Red Pill (Amazon)
  • Just Watch App
  • Honey Boy (Amazon)
  • Warrior Nick Nolte (Amazon)
  • Avenue 5 (HBO)


1:10:25 WEEKLY WATCH PARTY the Lighthouse (Amazon)


  • SPOILER ALERT Everyone hates Quad for the rest of his short miserable life for picking this movie


1:13:00 Rating this Turd as the anger sharks swim


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