Vol. 2 Ep 5: McMillions, Sushi, Brawl in Cell Block 99

  • Vol. 2 Ep 5: McMillions, Sushi, Brawl in Cell Block 99 00:00

This week the geeks focus on the thought provoking and candidness of the Documentary genre.  And we have the documents to prove it! Tune in and hear what’s what on what you should watch, where you should watch it, and when!  We of course catch up with the Geeks, we geek out, and we review Brawl in Cellblock 99 on Amazon Prime! Also, if any of you sh*ts want a free graphic novel that we have been promoting FOREVER, just utter those 3 secret code words and you shall receive!  Willy nilly timestamps below for your pleasure!


6:30 JAG recruits sad old men

9:25 The Patreon Float?

10:30 Geeks strike back!  GET INVOLVED PEOPLE!

13:30 Is floating for NC?

14:15 Catching up w/ the Geeks

-massages vs float, JAG black card moaning, couples massage and back cracks, NRBs

21:00 Catch up with JAG

-going off on Tinder, NC gets cut deep, Hateful Motivations

26:30 Catching up with NC

-weightloss challenge update, crazy gains, excitement for a Date!, Podcasts get us laid?, espresso, Baby Jesus bye bye, head shave vs moustache

41:45 Catching up with Quad

-online betting, shutting down political time, Oscars talk, One child nation 

49:30 Geeking Out (Documentaries)

-The shall not Grow Old (Bad teeth and Britians)

-Ronnie the King (Netflix) muscle fetishes and regrets?

-McMillions (HBO) who is the plaintiff, ex rats eaten by snakes

-Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

-Jiro dreams of Sushi (Netflix) NCs passion for the craft

-The Pharmacist (Netflix) NOLA police department/epidemics, JAG doesn’t feel pain because he’s the Terminator

-Free Solo (Disney +) because Quad is clueless, women love the a**hole

-Redeemed and the Dominant

-Rich Froning

-Super Size Me 2

-Aaron Hernandez (Netflix) serial killers and CTE, Will Smith and Concussions.

-Confessions of a Serial Killer clueless cops and a fake serial killer

-Evil Genius (Netflix)

1:37:15 Weekly Watch Party (Brawl in Cellblock 99) (Amazon Prime)

-Vince Vaughn rated by the geeks!

-climbing the wet pole!

-broken arm and no noises!

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