Vol.2 Ep 4 Weekly Watch Party MONTHLY Wrap Up

  • Vol.2 Ep 4 Weekly Watch Party MONTHLY Wrap Up 00:00

Hear ye Hear ye!  The results are finally in!  There can be only ONE! We crown the winner of this months Weekly Watch Party!  I’ll give you a hint….he’s one of the hosts of 7DAG! Of course Karma is like a wheel, so with a winner we must crown the loser!  Tune IN and find out who basks in the glory of their ancestors and who sucks the big one with a fun humiliation challenge performed LIVE ON MIXLR.  Also those graphic novels for Lock and Key are still up for grabs! Go find those secret code words/phrases! And of course those Willy-nilly timestamps are included below (NC didn’t blow it this week Quadfather!)


7:30 Callback to Christmas Gifts

8:45 Catching up w/ the Geeks

9:45 Plagues/infectious diseases/discussion

11:45 Catching up With Quad


  • Obscure betting, our friend Swanny, NC overspends, FanDuel Fighting, Quad the Bandwagoner, Evaluations, JAG the Regional manager/axe man


24:15 Catching up with NC


  • Consumption effects, JAG splurges, cheat weekend, FEB challenges, wrestling tourneys, berating the Indestructible Turd


39:15 Catching up with JAG


  • Burning down the house, breaking the bank and Dave and Buster’s, ER visits, Olympic curling Team, brother Zach weighs in for NC


50:30 Weekly Watch Party

52:45 Poll results

54:15 Here’s to climate change and a Review of About Time

59:15 No more original Ideas

1:03:00 NC takes Quad to task and the RESULTS ARE IN FOR WWP

1:06:30 NC goes Namath

1:09:55 Shooting over the Hillbilly’s head

1:11:15 Listener VM from Jeannie 

1:25:00 The Ass man does a Humiliation!

1:29:30 We explain Karaoke to JAG


1:33:30 What Are you Geeking out About?

1:34:40 Current with Quad (Kaminski Method, Twilight Zone, Troop Zero, Parasite, Fleabag, The Outsider, Curb your Enthusiasm, Killing Eve)

1:55:45 NC Geeks out (Man v Snake, Breaking2)

2:01:00 JAG Geeks Out with News (Obi-wan, Better Call Saul, Mighty ducks and the return of Bombay)

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