Vol. 2 Ep 17: Quadfather’s Lackluster Good Time

  • Vol. 2 Ep 17: Quadfather's Lackluster Good Time 00:00

The geeks are alive and well as the quarantine hits its stride!  They remain diligent and are still here giving you all the streaming recommendations!  They tackle Homecoming Season 2 and Space Force, both looking great coming out on Amazon and Netflix later this month!  Also, don’t rest on your laurels!  Email the show!  Listen and find out how!  We want to hear from you the listener!  Quad also gets put thru the ringer for his weekly watch party pick of Good Time!  How will he fare?  Tune in and check it out!


06:30 Jason is the bomb and doesn’t have Lou Gherig’s

07:00 Multicultural dating tips!

08:30 Ladies don’t fake it please! We are moldable blobs

09:45 Quad has the same thing everyday!


13:30 TRAILER TALK (Homecoming Season 2) (Space Force)

14:00 Make up May!

17:15 Doing what Deconstructing Dan couldn’t do!  Go listen to the Roast Episode!

18:15 Proof Reading Trumps Tweets!

22:30 Space Force (Netflix)

24:15 Steve Carell running thru the Female Friends

25:00 Catching Up with the Geeks


  • Will Ferrell isn’t always on
  • 5k with NC no nookie before the runs!
  • Fundraiser for Sparta Wrestling Team 
  • Quarantine Drinking with the NC
  • Teaching Math Struggles acute and obtuse angles
  • Nothing going on with the QUAD! Chores! 
  • Quad is in a funk! Cant put his finger on it!
  • No sports blues
  • Shoutout to our Sister Podcast!
  • “Clearing up the Texas Belt Buckle”


43:15 Weekly Watch Party (Good Time) (Quads Pick)


  • Synopsis of Good Time
  • NC and JAG Review!


1:09:00 Quad Plugs Just Watch (App)

1:10:00 Geeking Out


  • The Happening not recommended with Quad
  • Grand Budapest Hotel Quad stands alone 
  • Cedar Rapids (HBO)
  • Money Heist (Netflix)
  • Tales from the Loop (Amazon) Meh!
  • CC counts as reading a book


1:23:15 NC Announces WWP Pick CIRCLE (netflix)

1:26:15 Quad takes his leave

1:27:00 Finishing Catching Up


  • Nick Cage Joe Exotic
  • Trolls killing the Theaters!
  • Skywalker Saga! And making of the Mandelorian
  • Extraction (Netflix) Must watch!
  • Last Dance on ESPN
  • Hot Ones with Burt Kreischer
  • Code 8
  • Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • Playing with Fire (Must watch to those of you with Kids)
  • Rambo Last Blood!  (very violente!)
  • Forrest Gump (uncomfortable for a kid even though its PG13)



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