Vol. 2 Ep 16: Illegal Dating, WestWorld, and Neighbor Cole’s Humiliation!

  • Vol. 2 Ep 16: Illegal Dating, WestWorld, and Neighbor Cole's Humiliation! 00:00

Tune in this week as the geeks bring you more and more of the show you have grown to love!  All of your favorite segments ranging from Trailer Talk to What we are Geeking out about are always included!  Join the 3 Episode Challenge and listen for the 3 secret words to win fun prizes and games!  This week we wrap up the month and NC takes his first humiliation challenge by roasting the 1st and 3rd Mic.  Jason gets all dodgy and refuses to spill the beans about his mystery Law breaking Quarantine date!  And Quad releases his newest pick for the Weekly Watch Party for the month of May!  How will he fare against the other Geeks!?  Tune in to find out!


3:45 The usage of voluptuous and both sexes

5:00 The quad children are spoiled Liberals!

8:00 Coronavirus passed thru Gas!

10:30 MAIL SAC! Sort of

11:15 Trailer Talk


  • The Wrong Missy (Netflix Adam Sandler) (keeping those tinder skanks phone numbers and other online dating pro tips from NC) (May 13th)
  • Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours to Kill (Netflix) (May 5th)
  • Love Life (HBO Max) (May 27th)


28:00 Catching Up with the Geeks


  • Jay loses us at 28:30
  • JAG Gold bonds, wears sweats, and no deodorant for his first hike
  • He also doesn’t summit Kilimanjaro 
  • Date took a turn thru Killer Joes Trailer park
  • Good luck Chuck expectations and marriage Talk
  • We pry the details out of JAG for you the listening Audience!
  • SARA! Makes her triumphant return to the show!
  • JAG Robbed a McDonalds and Amish Paradise
  • Follow those online dating rules from the Quadfather NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Low Rent podcasting Ponyboy’s
  • No masks and No RAgrets!
  • Couples that dress alike Success Alike!
  • Texas Belt Buckle makes its appearance? Sat in some gum!
  • Good News for JAGs Pop!  Poppa Geek moving forward 
  • Flights are super Cheap RN!
  • Quad cleans house and discovers lost treasures of the gaming world
  • Backyard Gym aspirations for NC
  • Smoking the Roast
  • Homeschooling driving you to drink!
  • Appreciation for Teachers and Daycare


54:45 What are you geeking out About


  • Bad Boys for Life 
  • Westworld
  • The Inventor Out for Blood
  • Extraction (Netflix)
  • Ozark Season 3
  • FInishing Series for the Show
  • Screwball (I love Courtney Soooooo much)
  • Put a trump Mask on her!
  • JoJo Rabbit 


1:19:15 WWP and NC Humilitaion


  • Green Room, Green Street Hooligans, and Blue Ruin Movies this week, quick wrapup 
  • NC Gets humiliated and Roasts the Hosts
  • Quad has an idea!



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