Vol. 2 Ep 12: Dave’s Messed Up Urethra and Humiliated Hate Crimes!

  • Vol. 2 Ep 12: Dave's Messed Up Urethra and Humiliated Hate Crimes! 00:00

Geeks are not out and about but are in (side) it to win it, with more quarantine recordings!  Come catch up with your favorite trio as we talk trailers and geek out! We go live from Monkey Poo and Mixlr bringing you the Humiliation round of the Weekly Watch Party! Weve also got the King of all things Tigers and Pandemic Acedemics!  Listen in and enjoy yourselves! Also Willy Nilly time stamps are included below!


2:30 Promo Fails

5:25 Sushi that ISNT Terrible

6:40 Hetero Life Mates

12:00 Recapping Quads Humiliations

13:00 COVID effects Movies!

14:20 Quad the invisible Man

14:45 20 bucks is a Heck of a deal

16:15 JAG was wrong!

16:30 Trailer Talk (Apple TV Defending Jacob)


  • Loving father talks


22:15 Disney + vs Apple TV cuz JAG doesn’t love his kids

26:00 Turn in your kid for murder?

27:30 Where are we and Face Off

29:00 Quads Checks!

31:45 Surprise artwork for NCs Porno

32:45 100 lbs lost NC and shirtless selfies

37:30 Therapy from Home

40:45 Squashing Sexual Fetishes

42:00 Home workouts against the Kids

43:45 JAG builds a gym

45:30 Ex’s who sell our treadmills

46:15 Quads clients shut him down

47:15 Quarantine the Veggies

47:45 Quads sexlife is Corona free

50:15 Lighthouse revisited 

51:30 The Tiger King

55:30 Quarantine a Teen

56:30 Again not Married

58:00 Stranded kids and dying alone, no-choice cremations

1:00:00 who is Essential

1:02:15 Live Pandemic?

1:06:00 Geeking Out

1:07:45 20 Dolla make you holla

1:09:00 can’t beat a theater

1:13:00 who is chipping in

1:15:00 Quads final solution

1:15:45 NC steals Quads Thunder

1:16:00 who will play the Tiger King

1:19:00 Dragons Lair (Ryan Reynolds)

1:21:00 What is too Risque for Disney +

1:22:45 Quad hasn’t seen Firefly

1:23:15 Netflix outages and influx of Subscriptions

1:24:15 Homeschooling on FB and the Acedemic Pandemic

1:27:00 Shortfalls of education Quad v NC

1:35:00 Ozark S3

1:39:45 Jumanji 2 w/ Sam Jackson

1:41:00 Ford v Ferrari

1:45:15 Dr Sleep (Amazing)

1:46:15 1917 w Quad and NC

1:49:40 Zombie Land Double Tap

1:51:30 Richard Jewell 

1:52:45 Dave is Amazing 

2:04:30 Quad goes out for Lunch

2:05:45 Morning Show (Apple TV)

2:08:45 Curb your Enthusiasm

2:09:45 Every Ting with Tom Segura

2:12:00 WWP Humiliation and Handicappers Delight!

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