TLPS - 59

Two Bottles Of Wine And A Cadillac Ride To Neverland

  • Two Bottles Of Wine And A Cadillac Ride To Neverland 00:00

In this, the 59th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,The Google Goddess decides it’s “Lush-time” and downs not one but 2 bottles of cheap gas station wine! (She’s going to kill me for saying that!) She then slurs through her movie going experience not once…but twice! Apperently Harry Potter got hot! Anyways, while she yammers on about the love of her life she pulls out a Cadillac.  Yes to a Goddess these things are handheld!  We then get into an argument about the worth of said Cadillac…I still say it’s more like a Honda!  Either way it get’s her little man rowing like an Ivy League Vet! “Koonta has been replaced!” TK1 and Ginger get into an argument of “I’ll Parent Your Kid, You Parent Your Kid” and somewhere in there Peter Pan, Twilight and Tub Pooping is discussed.  The Sniper takes a week off due to a Squirrel hunting injury and Mr. K.I.A. is pleased as punch that he may no longer be the most hated man in this podcast…at least to our genetically challenged fellow podcaster with a nipple-stache and an affection for Nerf Herders! As always, it’s about that time for you to grab your Mike & Ike’s sit down next to the potential movie going lesbians and put your shush faces on….and of course Press Play for TLPS!-Angry Ginger

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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