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TLPS: We’re Not Dead

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In this, The 32nd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

We all decide to hop on motorized wheel chairs and get plowed with Granny!  We’re headed on over to the morgue to pay our last respects to Gramps…We’d give anything to have him back! G.G. show’s us yet again the true meaning of the internet!  Though instead of her coming across a video for us to watch, she instead fills us in on what exactly G.G would use on her G-spot.  Is it odd that out of all her finding’s, one just happens to be called “The G.G.”?! Whatever floats her little man in the boat!  This also leads us to a discussion about ladders.  Not the kind you can buy at Home Depot either… We also take a trip to the Happy Hands institute where TK1 lets us know that he used to be a “Big Brother” or “Mentor” to a child.  Apparently the only way to deal with these children are through prison riot tactics!   We also discuss the many uses of hospital drugs, all of them good apparently! So feel free to pop a pill or start clicking on your morphine pump and hit play! Don’t forget to count back from 100! 100, 99, 98, 9………..-AG


Bee Spill

Drunk Wheeler

Drug Mom

Man Wakes Up In Morgue Fridge

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It’s Cold In Here

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