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***For those not familiar with Episode 30, now would be a good time to go back and listen to it. Not only is it one of my favorite episodes, it also contains much fodder and information, which will be referenced in this epidsode.***

In this, the 34th Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

On their way to the greener pastures found only under my kilt, the gang stops by Ohio briefly to visit the site of a mass murder spree, and take a quick s*** in the local water fountain. When all is cleaned up, and they’re back in the car, from there it’s just a quick drive to under my kilt and straight up my a$$. Another good title for this particular episode would have been “TLPS: TMI Under The Kilt Of TK1”. When I say TMI, I actually mean embarrassing, self depricating, graphic, Too Much Information. But hey, I started the ball rolling in episode 30, why not just keep it going… And by rolling, I mean downhill.

Once at the bottom of that hill they discover a vagina so big, it can only be described as a @Vaginasaurus. That’s right! The gang finally lands a brief moment on the mics with the never elusive and mostly brilliant Jessica Caroll. Writer and contributer to Breeding Discontent blogspot and soon to be demi-goddess of the Twittersphere. Waxing philosophic on topics such as movie remakes, stolen virginities, penis pics in the DM’s, and that’s just the beginning! Needless to say she has a lot to say. And when the sad goodbyes are said and done…

We’re off to the newsroom for the weekly dose of headlines. This week: Post it on Facebook and you’ll get caught. Kidnap and rape my daughter and I won’t kill you?! Bet me. A Serial Killers only surviving victim becomes a killer. And finally, A mother who attempts to turn her daughter into a junior videographer… Err… Pornographer I mean.

And what better way to end the show then by being introduced to The Google Goddess’s very own Other Sister.

So grab a jar of peanut butter, sit back, relax, and enjoy. This won’t hurt a bit.


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Crappy Fountain

GTA: Ohio

Catch Me If You Can. S***!

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Mom Forces Daughter To Record The Fun

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