TLPS - 63

TLPS Presents: Monster Trucks, Monster Moms, And a Monster TWIST

  • TLPS Presents: Monster Trucks, Monster Moms, And a Monster TWIST 00:00

In this, the 63rd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Back by popular demand! Ladies and Gentleman, whether you love him or hate him (we know you all enjoy him), I give you Mr. Nick TWIST! Hopefully everyone has paid their cellphone bills, because it’s going to take some crazy state to state calling to find our friend TWIST!  So crazy in fact, that it will take not one podcaster but two to help find TWIST who is lost in New York City! This man could make Batman hang up the cape and just hang out in the bat cave for the night.  Also, a couple of moms in a McDonald’s playland start talking smack about who’s kid “pimp slapped” whose kid first! That’s a job for Batman! But instead, TK1 and The Angry Ginger have a go at it. We on the other hand get to deal with TWIST! Let me just say that dealing with TWIST is like trying to decipher the many levels of Inception! Especially when you’re not even going off first hand knowledge! Before we deal with that though, we discuss a few things that happened on our Saturday! We interviewed and hung out on the podcast “The Nothing But Show”, but if you ask our resident Goddess she’ll “Say Anything” to f**k it up! The Sniper did not attend this interview because he had better plans(riiiiight). Shockingly, he couldn’t find any small critters to kill so he did the next best thing. He put on the big tires and crushed a few cars! Figuratively speaking, that is!Anyway, the phone’s ringing…It’s getting noisy…Why don’t you leave the area you’re in, come down the 12 steps, and press play now! Oh, and don’t forget to kill the doorman and find a place to take a piss! Even if you do it right in front of a nice fancy restaurant or a seedy back alley! -Angry Ginger


All The Cool Girls Are Lesbians

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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