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In this, The 38th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The guys, and let’s not forget the Goddess, are invited to guest on another podcast!  Clearly they have no intelligence at all if they are inviting us five idiots to guest on their show!  To our surprise they do, and they are great people!  They ask some great questions and we have a great time answering them…Just when we thought the interview was over they ask us if we’d like to play a “Game”!  Out of instinct we pull our pants down and begin a “Team Dutch Rudder.”  From the looks on their faces this is clearly not what they were expecting!  We should have asked first! So we decide to leave our pants down (Hey we’re comfortable) and play their game instead!  The winner may surprise you! A rematch has been scheduled already, this much I can tell you!

Now, Some of you may have heard this a few months ago.  If you have we went ahead and recorded a bit of new material to bookend this interview of sorts.  Even if you’ve heard it though I recommend listening again because it is a great episode!

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our friends podcast “Somebody and Me” and tell them we sent you.

As always…we hope that you enjoy.  If you don’t though…as always, we blame it on Mr. Kia!!!



Somebody and Me

Have a quiz, survey, or test for us to take?  Send it to us, we’ll make a show out of it!  Have a story that needs to be told?  Have questions you want answered?  Need advice? Wanna be a guest podcaster? Do you have Skype? Do you live in the Grand Rapids area, or are you willing to drive to Grand Rapids? Send us an email, drop us a line on Facebook, or post a comment right here in this blog post.

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