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TLPS: Loving Dolphins At Semen World

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It’s simple enough. There’s “Bro Code” and “Show Code”. What’s the line that separates the 2? Ok… Maybe it’s not that simple. Let’s call TK1’s mom while live recording and ask her! Sperm banks are always looking for donations to help populate the planet. Just not from Gingers. They have no souls, and therefore need not share their empty seeds. True love blossoms between a dolphin and a man, but DON’T judge! The dolphin made the first move so it’s ok! And finally, how hungry would you have to be to eat both your eyes? Ask the man who had the courage to find out after he puuued out both of his and did just that!

That and so much more, in this, the 39th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing.

P.S. This episode brought to you by the letter “L”…


Too Much Ginger Sperm

Dolphin Love

162 Gallons Of Breast Milk For Dinner

Baby Without A Country

Hungry? How About Eating Your Eye

Intro/Outro Theme Song by: Dr. Frankenstein – “Theme for The Mad Thinker”. Remixed and edited by TK1

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