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TLPS: Hunting Jack-In-The-Boxes With PISCA

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In this, the 43rd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,In keeping with the Halloween spirit, we decided to have a real life Ghostbuster on the show!  But before getting to Jay, the Man from PISCA (Paranormal Investigation Society of Central Alabama), we welcome back a true specter of the spirit world, The Kilted One.  That’s right! The guy with the all catchphrases, the host we didn’t know we were missing till he was gone, is back!  And what a perfect time for him to come back! We needed an extra “wrangler” to help us keep Mr. K.I.A. down as he CLEARLY doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural.  From the moment we bring in our special guest, Tom turns into a Chihuahua with Pit bull tendencies!  Look out world! The Pedantic Fun Sponge is here to soak up all of the Akron Bean’s fun stuff!Again, I’m getting ahead of myself… We also discuss such popular things as bathroom etiquette,  The Akron Bean herself goes “Over the Top” by spinning her hat and arm wrestling herself to victory!  Not sure why…perhaps bragging rights? Last but not least we discuss TK1’s Grandma and (possibly) her dying wish of sending her little boy in a kilt to Space Camp.  From this, The Sniper recalls very fond memories of his youth and the group decides that the first destination for TK1 and @Nick_Twist will be Space Camp, for their not yet funded, probably will end up somewhere else at least 15 more times, Road Trip to a Twisted Anxiety week in HELL! So activate your tasers, grab a bed sheet and start sucking on a dinner mint because we’re going down on something fishy!-Angry GingerSpecial thanks to Jay for coming on our show. We gave him A LOT of sh$t and razzed him skeptically good. He took it all in stride, represented PISCA, the team, and it’s mission well. He NEVER lost his cool. And believe me, we gave him plenty of opportunity to do so! We’d love to have him and the whole team on again at some point. We’ll play nicer… We promise! Good luck this holiday with all things that go bump in the night. Also, get Michele on booking something in Michigan! We wanna hunt with you and the group.Sincerely, TK1


$24,000 Killer Mask

How NOT To Ghost Hunt

Spiderman Runs Out Of Web; Carries Sword; Get Beat By Clerks

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