TLPS - 42

TLPS Holds Video Game Reunion In G.G.’s Dragon Lair

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In this, the 42nd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

“You guys ready to Hip, Hip, Hip…shoot the sh$t?” While discussing Mr. K.I.A.’s love for college football, namely UofM, it is UofM, right, KIA?  He informs us of a practical joke that the Ninja played on him one morning, proving once again that he’s not only marrying his rival but also his bitter enemy! The Angry Ginger attempts to get to the bottom of it all…of course he’d be better off talking to a wall.  Word on the street is, the wall is more sexually active!  Mr. Know It All also attempts to teach us how to control a hiccup (hip, hip, hip) but quickly learns that there is no point getting through The Angry Ginger’s uncontrollable laughter…and tears! The Sniper acts fast and pulls out his video phone to catch this educational tip on digital film. (Check local listings for times, or I hear Youtube/Tumblr has it) Once Ginger gets control of himself and his bladder, they head on over to their 25th Reunion and start chatting with @WoodyTondorff and @MissAmyBloom.  They may be better known as Link and Samus from their webseries Video Game Reunion.  Also the director of the series Video Game Reunion, Matt Lewis, joins in to answer questions.  We don’t mess around either, we get to the good stuff like, “Did you find time to get kinky in the Metroid costume?” Also, it’s possible that Woody takes Ginger on a “Link to the Past”  to discuss a very particular skeleton in his “closet.” It’s time to notify the family, sh%ts about to come out into the open!Also, in this episode the fellas find themselves deep inside the catacombs of Google.  They rip through headlines trying to make their way to buried treasure, only to find that many men have cum before them.  What mythical creature protects these grounds?! To be honest, treasure is a word used LOOSELY around this wind tunnel!It’s time to sit back and relax!  Log on to and don’t forget the psychotic high-on of a Princess is in another castle!  Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A START!!!-AG


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