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TLPS And The Pedantic Fun Sponge

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In this, The 37th Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Team TLPS decides to run a Marthon of sorts.  If they can even decide how long or how many people constitute a Marathon!  While running they decide to make a pit stop at the Pet Cemetery, A.K.A. The Angry Ginger’s back yard! Sh$t get’s biblical real quck!  Animals rest in an undisturbed peace until Ginger takes there souls (He’s a collector) and then chucks their carcasses over the back fence! FORE!!!  After that mess is taken care of we sit down have a nice chat about some Tweeps on the inter-webs giving our little (It’s actually huge) old podcast a REVIEW!  That’s right, words gotten out about our little chat fest and people seem to be pretty happy with us…well most of us.  The Akron Bean seems to be the fave and one of us “Gentlemen” seem to get singled out.  Not once mind you, but twice!  During all of this TK1’s Anxiety raises through the damn roof! That whole ordeal is put into question, which makes his anxiety raise even more.  He’s a mess of epic proportions and just needs a hug!  Perhaps in front of a live studio audience?  Until that happens why don’t ya jump in Ginger’s busted up van and head on out to the closest “Philly Flash Mob” with us and put this Podcast to rest for good!  Or…or…You could just hit play and listen to the soothing sounds of our sultry voices once again….-AG

PIMPIN’ OTHER PODS —>Each of the following has a good show and each has a different voice…CHECK’EM OUT ON TWITTER- @barelysarcasm, @IAintEvenMadPod, @ParkingLotPod, @Gustosapien, @comedicalchemy, @somebodyfunny, @Never Zero Podcast, @awkwardpodcast, @thegds, @GdsRogue, @Adjective_J, @Ascastblog, @BUIPodcasters, @rashanii, @jbirchwriter, @BeneathTheReels, @CinematicMethod…If I missed some of you, let me know and I’ll add you in.

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Girl Call Mom While Bear Eats Her

Revenge Orgy

“Death” By Hickey

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