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In this, the 11th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

“Shooting The S#!t” this week, the guys discuss various aspects of marriage. From proposals to prenups and some shades of grey inbetween.

Mr. KIA himself starts this weeks podcast off with the announcement of his impending marriage and the proposal that’s gonna get him there. This leads the other 3 guys to recollect their own proposal stories. Set expectations low, however, as none of the stories are as exciting or funny as Mr. KIA’s. Shortly after this romantic strip down memory lane, TK1 attempts to move into headlines, but Mr. KIA has other plans for him. Nefarious plans! And what pray tell are those plans you may ask? To teach TK1 a lesson. Yes, that’s right, Mr. KIA sets out to set TK1 straight after TK1 offends and upsets him a week prior to the podcast. Although, as you will hear many times over (if you haven’t fallen asleep, skipped ahead, or had “same difference” post traumatic stress flashbacks) TK1 CLEARLY states how he was wrong, apologizes for jumping the gun, interrupting, and making assumptions. Which was a clear attempt by TK1 to avoid the whole nasty business. But, alas, an apology, a concession and an admission of fault is no good to Mr. KIA unless he can embarrass you and make you feel stupid in general in front of LOTS of people rather than in private. Guess who those LOTS of people are? That’s right you the lucky listeners! Woo hoo! You may be asking why not just edit this out of the podcast? Why bore and alienate we the listeners with this drivel? ‘Cause this is real life b*tches! We fight, we argue, we don’t get along sometimes, we offend, and we hurt each others “feelings”. For all the s*** Tom gets for being a Vulcan robot devoid of emotions, this was an obvious emotional outburst (we new he had them!). Mind you it was driven by revenge, spite, anger, frustration and malice, but hey, they’re emotions to aren’t they? So why not keep it on the record. Besides, by the end of it he had taught TK1 a very valuable lesson. And now TK1 knows… Don’t assume, don’t interrupt, don’t blather to other people, but mostly, don’t piss off Mr. KIA. And knowing is half the battle. High 5?

In Headlines, a bank robber is foiled by magic words, an amputee proves he is not the sum of his parts, and a man gets mad because his beer goggles lied to him. And finally in the news, for one soon to be incarcerated man, “everything but the kitchen sink” takes on a whole new meaning. 30 IS the magic number!

In our new segment “The Male Sack” (at least new for this week), the guys field these questions from emails submitted by listeners, fans, followers, and stalkers.

  1. “On Valentines Day my girlfriend was giving me a B.J. She puked on me while doing it, and now she wants to do it again. Now what do I do?!”

  2. “What podcasts do you guys listen to besides your own?”

  3. “Will you ever include a telephone guest on your show?”

  4. “If the world were going to end in 1 year, what would each of you do for the next 365 days?”

  5. “How much $ would you need to be guaranteed to have32CC breast implants inserted into your body and kept for exactly 1 year?”

  6. “How much $ would you need to be guaranteed to have any 1”x1” tattoo added to your face. You get to pick the tattoo, but it has to be in blue or black ink”

***SPECIAL THANKS this week to ALL of our Twitter followers who have helped promote/distribute the podcast, which in turn has helped it grow.  Some of these people include, but are not limited to: @StephEloi (The Google Goddess), @nerdygirlpc (Nerd Extraordinaire), @Mich_1987 (London Bridges), @ditzywoo, @Gustosapien (Check out his you tube channel, funny s***!), @mabeline12, @BeckySpldng, (J.J Jameson), @dixidiamond, @Starry Towers, @DearOccupant, @outerlmitz, @Dangerfacex, @Sombodyfunny, @Kellyyy_F, @thatTravisBow, @chrisa7x6661, @Getoffendedcom (One of the best websites we’ve cum across!)***

Hugs and Kisses on all your pink parts!


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