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The Scent Of A Podcaster: Hot Trash and Burnt Hair

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In this, the 17th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,“Shooting The Sh$t” this week from The Sniper’s Nest (otherwise known as Joe’s house), the guys discuss The Kilted Ones most awesome “About Me” Tumblr page and how concise it is, which can be found here–> Also discussed, Mr. KIA’s new purchase of a home, roman candle and bottle rocket wars, The Kilted Ones one legged brother, The Last Podcaster Standing Girls Of 2012 calendar contest, and finally Ginger gives updates from The Crazy House. Which is for lack of a better word… Crazy!From The Male Sack, the guys once again give poor, nosensical advice to a listener and ponder why in the world anyone would ask them for advice in the first place. This time however is probably worse than other times. And listener @Mosedogg (Brian) provides the guys with his own term for the Glossary Of Perversion: “The Russian Backfire”In Headlines, a man gambles everything on a pair of boobs, an Ohio man becomes very attached to his furniture, a young boy creates man scented candles, and a woman gets high by wearing a diaper.And we read from the Glossary Of Perversion from our friends at GetOffended.Com… You offensive fu#$ers!***Special THANKS*** To all of you… Every last fu#$ing one of you… Those of you who have promoted the show either by retweeting our tweets, tweeting your own tweets about us, telling someone about the podcast, writing our name on your boobs and going out for a night on the town, drunk dialing us and leaving messages of love and adoration, drunk dialing your friends about us… And the list goes on.


Man Boobs

I Am One With The Chair

Man Candles

Leave The Change, Take The Condoms

Show And Stab

Diaper Loaded With Crack

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