The One Where They Go To Hogwarts For Vasectomies

  • The One Where They Go To Hogwarts For Vasectomies 00:00

In this episode, your Hiatus Having Heroes are discussing all things vasectomy! That’s right. One’s had it, the other one hasn’t. While explaining in more detail than any human would care to listen to, hemorrhorids and STD’s come up. Who’s this surgery for anyway and why are kids being brainwashed that ‘Reality Shifting’ is a real thing by Tik Tokers!? Seriously, Grant teaches Ginger that kids aren’t daydreaming but actually ‘Traveling’ to Hogwarts for an entire lifetime…but they can return within a blink of an eye. What do they bring back with them? Anything informative or is it all LIES!?!? 

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