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In this, the 53rd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing, In this fast paced episode we cover a lot of ground.  Ground that needs to be covered, such as how long would it take for G.G.’s cats to eat her dead body if she were to die today.  After that moving story, we travel on down the road to a friend’s house. Several friend’s houses to be exact!  Well, one friend inhabited by her own friends…sometimes they’re friends…I think?  Anyway, before we get there, we stop for a much needed rest at a hotel.  We’re just looking for a good night’s rest but after grabbing a bite to eat we find ourselves at a rave.  Not just any rave mind you, but a rave for emo kids! (I’ll give you a minute to ponder on what that would be like) *DING* Ok, the next morning we wake up, pull the d**k out (Don’t ask) and find ourselves getting a move on while a double rainbow and the “Bear Nation” hop inside the hotel pool for a fun, dare I say gay…GAY family photo! I dared! At Frank’s (the friend with friends) you may know her from Twitter.  Yes, I said her name is Frank. @JstCallMeFrank to be exact.  She goes by Frank cuz he’s the boss.  Frank likes to play the board game CLUE and boy does she take that game literally! Literally? (Yes K.I.A.) When she’s not hanging out in the library with a noose and shiv to shank a mother f**ker, she likes to work on her blog.  She writes about some cool sh*t.  Living with Multiple Personality Disorder, traveling, and SEX! Good girl she is!  She also has a boyfriend who apparently is a part time security guard.  He protects her…when he’s not getting violated by the boss! Ha, I kid.  (Knock, Knock) SH*T! GOTTA RUN! You know the drill, push play, laugh till your stomach hurts, call a friend….rinse and repeat!-AG


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Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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