The Decade in Review and a Look Forward Too!

  • The Decade in Review and a Look Forward Too! 00:00

Follow along in this episode as Jason the Angry Ginger (JAG), Neighbor Cole (NC), and the Quadfather (Quad) get nostalgic about their 2019 year.  Topics range from personal triumphs (few and far between) to dating to past and future goals. We sit by with baited breath as Jason “The Angry Ginger”, fills us in on his top 10 movies and TV shows from 2019!  The Quadfather brings us down memory lane with the highlights of last year’s most memorable 7DAG episodes. And finally the guys reveal yet another REBOOT and updated show format for looking ahead in 2020….is there a new segment on the horizon?  Maybe some new content? More opportunities for you, the listener, to become a part of the show? Stay tuned and find out!  


OH….and check out our new times stamps for those of you who like to skip about all Willy Nilly…


5:30 Weight loss talk since Podtoberfest


11:15 Gingers TV list of 2019


38:00 Ginger defends Super Heroes to the death


41:00 NC points out all the slighted shows Ginger missed


41:20 Gingers Movie list 2019


51:45  Geeks review 2019


1:14:00 2019 7DAG Episodes recap by Quad (highlights are: Justin Marks, the LOLA appearance, Power outages, divorced venting)


1:40:00 REBOOT talks


1:46:00  Weekly Watch Party….this week’s movie pick by Quad: About Time (Netflix)

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