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The Cold Side Of F You (Anniversary Part 2)

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In this, the 46th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

There is a reason that the Gods or Goddess in this case never had twitter.  In the days of old, the Gods would show their wrath by opening up the Earth or sending twisters in to erase small villages.  But in these days there is no need for “The Kracken”!  The Goddess just needs a smart phone with a little Twitter blue bird built in, along with some incriminating photo’s from her human partner The Ninja.  See Mr. Kia was under the impression that G.G. was forgetting her “L”s when she spoke.  She forgot not, she just wasn’t using them!  She was saving them up for the Giant “L” she was secretly putting together to put on his gnarly forehead.  To say anything more wouldn’t be right and I know how anxious everyone is to finally hear Part 2 of our anniversary episode.  The one where G.G. gets her payback!  If you follow us (@lastpodstanding) on Twitter than you may already have an idea of what exactly took place on this night.  Even if you know, it’s still worth a listen… or two!  *A Reminder* Episode 45:Boobies out the Hatchback is Part 1 of our 2 part Anniversary Special!Thanks again to all of our “Fans” who listen every week religiously!  #TLPS-AG


Back Flipping Sexual Orientation


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