The Charity Strike/Awkward Apocalypse 101

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Greg Jones, host of the podcasts, The Charity Strike and Awkward Apocalypse, joins me today to discuss All things podcasting.


Topics we discuss are:


Adding a Co-host of the oppisite sex and the effects it has on your podcast.


Does being a showrunner mean you handle all the workload?


and of course…much, much more!


Before the interview I give a couple of shoutouts to new friends on Twitter. I’ll repeat them here for dramatic effect.


Nikki @Eatks


Zoe Grimm @ZoeGrimmTVP


Jared Easley @JaredEasley


We think get our first response to a new segment titled “How Has Podcasting Changed Your Life?”


Justin, host of the Comical Podcast chimes in to talk about how it has given him a purpose and a new sense of focus for the things he’s passionate about.


We also have a 2nd NEW segment. PodReview. Where you guessed it, a new panel of Podcast reviewers chime in with a new podcast to recommend to you, the listener, weekly!


Andrew Johnstone from the now defunct, Podcast Squared, joins us at the end of the show to give his 1st recommendation for a Go Bayside. A podcast with an interesting spin on all things Saved By The Bell.


Please don’t forget to leave the show a review on iTunes. I’d love to read it on a future episode. T


Thanks to all who continuously share the show across their social media platforms. I greatly appreciate it!






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Voicemail: 206-339-1404

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