The Art of Charm 101

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One of the most reoccuring questions I get is “How can I make money podcasting?” Well, there are several ways to go about doing this. One of them is have a skill or offer a service that people want not only from your podcast, it is why they’re listening, but also in person. Coaching is a big thing these days. Sometimes a little one on one action is the best thing!

Jordan Harbinger does just that. He offers his expertise to all of his podcast listeners…outside of his podcast. This is a great episodes and Jordan was nice enough to sit down with us for far longer than we had planned so he could share some tips and tricks his fellow podcasters!

He has advice for Podcasters of every degree…so sit back and as always, make sure you have that pen and pad ready because it wouldn’t be Podcasting 101 if we weren’t teaching you something!


Twitter: @Podcaster101


Voicemail: 206-424-0772

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