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In this, the 23rd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,Known to our listeners as @Love_Gunn, Althea once again returns as promised to fulfil her oath to shock and awe us with previously unrevealed details of her past careers. She’s been a nude house cleaner, she makes jewelry by day and wrestles in jello at night, and during her previous guest spot, she revealed she once worked as a phone sex operator. What more can be said without spoiling it all… Also discussed circumcision, good or bad? Right or Wrong? The debate rages on. All in all it’s a lot of talk about sex and penises… Somewhere in there we probably talk about other stuff, I just can’t remember what it is… So there’s that. Ok. Moving on… ~TK1

Thanks to our friends at for providing us with The Glossary Of Perversion. It’s a book you should own. You NEED to own. Find it on their website. Along with the book you’ll find vinyl stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and even panties! If you have a little dirty in ya, check’em out. If ya don’t have a little dirty in ya, check’em out and they’ll put some in ya. They also give good tweet! Follow them on twitter under the names @getoffendedcom and @getoffendedBone.

PIMPIN’ The PODS – Each of the following has a good show and each has a different voice…CHECK’EM OUT ON TWITTER- @barelysarcasm, @IAintEvenMadPod, @ParkingLotPod, @Gustosapien, @comedicalchemy, @somebodyfunny, @Never Zero Podcast, @awkwardpodcast, @thegds…If I missed some of you, let me know and I’ll add you in.

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