Talk Shows, Trolls, and Sex Tapes

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Hey! Welcome back to the podcast that asks…”What are you geeking out about?”!

In trailers we talk Cameron Diaz and Jason Seigel in Sex Tape. McBibbles asks the HARD hitting question of whether we’ve (Bacon and Ginger) have ever done that…but avoids answering it himself. I believe a proper stoning is in order!

We also talk about the new TMNT trailer which takes us down nastolgic road to the days of Masters of the Universe, ThunderCats and more.

We geek out a bit about Captain America 2:The Winter Soldier. (spoiler free)

Ginger briefly details the “TROLL” events on twitter…which leads him to be told that, “We’ve made it!”

…also we talk muppets and Jim Henson’s Workshop.

Let’s not spoil the whole episode. Let’s just say it’s laced with fun and funny…so let it be known on Twitter that a new episode of one of your favorite podcasts is up! Tell everyone to subscribe, download them all and if they like it…to please leave an iTunes review!

Thanks for listening everyone!

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