S#!tcast – Unaired Clips And Outtakes Of TLPS

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In this, the second “Bloopersode” of The Last Podcaster Standing”,

“Welcome to S#!TCAST!”…

Once again we find The Kilted One sick from his POIS, so while he endures his hyposensitization therapy, the guys skip recording a new episode, and instead have Mr. KIA put together more previously unaired material. New listeners should forego this episode in favor of previous episodes as this is not our usual idiocy. This is our “behind the scenes, look what we cut that should never air” idiocy.

Included in this little ditty, you will find the twigs an berries of “The Real Episode 6”. “The never meant to be heard episode” This was recorded when The Kilted One and The Angry Ginger were spur of the moment absent. Filling in for them was Emmett TerBeek (who was supposed to be our first guest podcaster) and The Ninja (future brain slave and spouse of Mr. KIA). This episode was never posted for various reasons the least of which was Mr. KIA’s ability to stand by his word that he could lead and direct an episode without TK1. Initially, the plan was to have Mr. KIA run and direct the program as The Kilted One would, but upon startup, instantaneously deferred to allowing guest podcaster Emmett to run it. 45 minutes later it was over and done with. Not bad…Just not good. What you hear of this dumped episode is what we could salvage. The best bit being “Gingers Have No Souls (Ginger Song Part 1)” played by Emmett on his guitar.

Also included in this “bloopersode” from past episodes: The guys before they start recording, the guys after they finish a show, but The Kilted One kept recording anyway, and other bits cut for other various reasons. Fights. Mistakes. Douchebaggery. Sing-A-Longs. It’s all here! Well… Not ALL of it. That would be a lot…

So to our fans, followers, and listeners, who have made it through our first 13 episodes, which by the way is only the beginning of what we have planned, (insert evil laugh here) we say “Thank You” and “Welcome To S#!TCAST!” To our non fans or people hearing this as their first introduction to us… Leave. Come back here when you think we’re funny.

On a side note for those of you who REFUSE to listen to this time wasting garbage style of a podcast episode… Please note Episode 14 will be available in a few days. Or sooner… Ok… Maybe later… It depends on how my treatments go. Having sperm injected into myself is traumatizing… Just sayin’. Until then, Hugs And Kisses On All Your Pink Parts,


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