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Sip’n On Rumspringa

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In this, the 28th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The Kilted One is back! And with him comes a new found love for the new (?) “Extreme Sport” that’s sweeping the nation… “Planking!”  We discuss it’s orgin and whether or not your cool if you do it!  The vote is still out on this one… But we do decide to start #TLPSTeamPlanking.  Yes that’s right! A planking team! So down a shot, grab your camera, erase the nudes, and send us your best planking picture! (You can send the nudes if you really want to!)

The guys also discuss Vehicular Manslaughter… As in the killing of a vehicle.  Crashing straight into the ground, over the hill, through the ice and on fire are a few way’s to do it.  Now you can tell your mamma that we taught you something.  Who says we aren’t full of life’s important lessons!

Strap on your “Kool-Aid Stained Chewie” helmets and buckle up for safety!  Once this podcast hits 88 MPH you’re gonna see some serious sh$t!! -AG

Thanks to our friends at for providing us with The Glossary Of Perversion. It’s a book you should own. You NEED to own. Find it on their website. Along with the book you’ll find vinyl stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and even panties! If you have a little dirty in ya, check’em out. If ya don’t have a little dirty in ya, check’em out and they’ll put some in ya. They also give good tweet! Follow them on twitter under the names @getoffendedcom and @getoffendedBone.

PIMPIN’ The PODS – Each of the following has a good show and each has a different voice…CHECK’EM OUT ON TWITTER- @barelysarcasm, @IAintEvenMadPod, @ParkingLotPod, @Gustosapien, @comedicalchemy, @somebodyfunny, @Never Zero Podcast, @awkwardpodcast, @thegds @GdsRogue @Adjective_J @Ascastblog @BUIPodcasters…If I missed some of you, let me know and I’ll add you in.


Man In A Box Suitcase

Amish Pedophile

Fun In Court

Man Without Helmet Dies Of Head Injury

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Honey! The Yoders are going to be late tonight.

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