S5E1 Rob Walch and Why Your Podcast Needs Alexa

  • S5E1 Rob Walch and Why Your Podcast Needs Alexa 00:00

Welcome back to a brand new season of Podcasting 101!

In this weeks episode, Rob Walch, VP of Podcast Relations over at Libsyn stops by to talk a bunch of new things happening in the podcasting world. His advice, “if you’re not on Spotify, you don’t care about your podcast!”

Rob updates us on how to use Apple Analytics, as well as why Alexa’s new Alexa Skills is going to be a game changer for your podcast!

We also discuss the death of Soundcloud, the life expectancy of Anchor and at the time of this recording… putting google play (for podcasting) out to pasture. This is of course before Google announced it was putting in some concentrated effort to help put more podcasts in more ears in the coming ears via all of their Google platforms.

I also announce something new that will be taking place during this season of Pod 101. That’s right, starting next week micro episodes of  Professor Pod’s Helpful Tips & Tricks to Starting a Podcast, will debut. Every other week I’ll be releasing an episode focusing on a particular aspect of podcasting that will hopefully help new podcasters face their fears, give them the information they need, and they can go off and start their own podcasts!

Thanks for listening, if you like what you hear, please feel free to spread the word!

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