S4E2 Quadcast 101

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Courtney Calkins, the man, the myth, the legend from the Quadcast Podcast joins me today for a discussion on being an authentic host. It’s what attracts us as listeners, and it’s what will attract listeners to you as a podcast host. Bring the energy!

We also discuss methods to prevent “Pod Fading” and social media tactics in building your audience. I’ll give you a hint, be social!

Never stop learning or trying to master your craft. Courtney talks about bragging when he first started that he never edited his show. Over the course of producing his shows, he’s taught himself how to create smooth transitions, and segment bumpers. He loves placing music beds through out the course of an episode. His show has become highly produced. I think it’s an aural work of art.

Podcasting is one of the few forms of entertainment where you can not only build relationships but form solid friendships! If you’re producing your podcast, I’m sure you’re hoping to be able to give something to the listener, but if you allow it, the listener will give something back. Podcasting can be a fun filled personal journey of discovery. It can be therapeutic. Be transparent and honest with your audience. You’ll be a better host, and you’ll have a better show because of it.

Courtney is a self taught indie podcaster with the production value of an NPR show, but with the energy of an afternoon morning show! It’s talk radio at it’s finest. It’s a podcast about the podcaster.

I for one think it deserves a subscription on your playlist!


Also in this show, I begin production…errrrr…construction on the new Monkey Poo Studios project! More information to come in the coming weeks.

Keep listening….and keep podcasting!

-Angry Ginger

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