S3E5 Tell Me Stories with Paula Allen 101

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In this episode of Podcasting 101 I get a chance to meet face to face with a fantastic story teller, Paula Allen. This is something I hope to be doing more often with this show. Meeting podcasters, and talking all things podcasting in person.

Paula has been podcasting for well over a year now, but only releasing episodes now for just over 6 months. Lot’s of practicing. Lots and lots of tape!

We discuss everything from her evolution of recording stories, to creating a podcast revolving around her passion for live music, and all the work that goes into traveling from venue to venue, to meet with live musical acts, to get true and honest stories for them.

She is so committed to podcasting and the music scene she is actually building herself a mobile podcasting studio that she will take with her to music festival’s all across Canada.

If you’re looking to be inspired to start podcasting, or get rejuvenated by someone who is so in love with podcasting, then this episode should do the trick!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode or about anything podcasting in general. Please reach out to me via twitter at @Podcaster101 or you can emaill the show with your comments or questions at 7DAGpodcasting101@gmail.com

To all of you that support the show in anyway…be it with your wallet or your downloads and/or retweets…I really appreciate it!


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