S2E8 Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria 101

  • S2E8 Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria 101 00:00

In this episode of Podcasting 101, David Maier, host of Podcast Without Boarders, shares How Podcasting Has Changed His Life.

3 things Dave brings up are, Podcast Community, Passion, and the Ability to Converse.

In the interview segment of the show, Cara Santa Maria sits down to chat all things podcasting.

Some of the things we talked about: Advertising, Being your natural self (on mic), getting guests that are right for your show…and more!


Lastly, Andrew Johnstone returns to give us a review on the podcast, Totally Beverage!

Thanks for listening.

Reach the show:

Twitter: @Podcaster101

Email: 7DAGpodcasting101@gmail.com

Voicemail: 206-339-1404

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