S2E11 Coffee With Kenobi

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This episode we have on the two awesome hosts of Coffee with Kanobi, a coffee house style chat about all things Star Wars. We discuss the importance of connecting with listeners via Social media, like Twitter, and how being real and genuine can bring in the audience. Their show has come a long way from their first attempt at recording. The first attempt taking an astounding 14 hours to record, with only 18 minutes of listenable material, to now being featured on StarWars.com

A few things we learned from both Dan and Cory are that family and friendship come first, before the podcast, so they work together using clear communication, and balancing each other out, to make sure everything gets done.  They advise this; you can’t fail at something when you are doing it for fun, and you can find your own voice through practice on the mic.

We also have a podcaster who shares his “How has podcasting change my life” story. He is the one and only, Kip Clark, host of the “Stride and Saunter” podcast, which can be found here:http://www.strideandsaunter.com/

Also weighing in on his side of the podcasting world, with another Podcast Review, is non other than our good buddy Andrew Johnstone, previously of the now defunct but still reputable Podcast Squared. Andrew joins us to give you, the listener, a review on the podcast “Cardboard!” hosted by Rich Sommer, a podcast all about board games. You can find Cardboard! here:http://cardboard.wolfpop.com/

If you would like to share with us how podcasting has changed your life or if you have suggestions for a guest, please send us an email! We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening to another episode of Podcasting 101! If you have any questions or comments send us an email at 7DAGpodcasting101@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Podcaster101.

Enjoy the show!

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