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Retard Strong

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In this, the 49th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The Google Goddess pulls out a story from back in the day about witnessing a “Mentally Handicapped” person who goes on a Donkey Kong like rampage at a bowling alley.  He’s told repeatedly by his “Keeper” (Thanks for that one Sniper) that it’s time to go HOME!  What happens next is unspeakable! (See Episode photo)  Now G.G. says she was out with her “At the time Boyfriend” but the guys (Angry Ginger, The Sniper and Mr. Know-It-All) come to the conclusion that this may have been a family reunion of sorts…and there may have been CLOWNS involved! Heh! Those crazy mountain folk sure do know how to have some fun.Also, the Angry Ginger gets uncomfortable at “The Crazy House” as love is not needed anymore by an estranged couple!…Meanwhile love isn’t wanted but money sure is for another couple!  Well…perhaps the first time is free!?Click PLAY!-Angry Ginger


Toenail Removal (video)

Ginger Seal

Election Typo

Shooting At Segways

Don’t Hand Over Your Info Before You Shoplift

Help A Brother Out

Urinal Games

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