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Radioactive Ginger Sperm And Christmas Stuff

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In this, the 50th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Mr. Know-it-all decides to “Shoot the Sh$t” about a couple of guys the NINJA works with who may or may not be Broke Back Hunting!  See, what starts off as an innocent weekend away with the guys turns into a pretty poisonous situation!   Let’s just say they both went home with a rash and an itch to be quiet about what happens in the woods!  Apparently word gets out in the wooded community and the deer come from all over the place to poke fun at the would-be hunter!  Not only does he stick around for the itchy and scratchy show, but he decides to get his hump on with the family pet!  How’s that for rubbing it in your face?In other news, but before we get to the real news…The Google Goddess got all pilled up before the show!  She says it was to help her with her breathing but we’re pretty sure it was to give us dirty looks all night and not laugh at much of what we had to say!  We kindly asked her to remove her tampon that was clearly in sideways, but she instead started shooting cannon balls at our faces!  This is not a lie nor a myth!  Stating the facts here people! As always, there is so much to say…but lets face it, you’d rather just hit play and here us tell funny f$*king stories about crazy a$$ people doing crazy a$$ things who may or not live in crazy a$$ houses!  So why don’t you just sit back, relax, grab a girl and do her while your watching a Disney show! Press Play MO Fackers! -Angry Ginger


Mixing Meth In Walmart

Bleach Fiiiight!!

Bra And Panties Party (For 3rd Graders, Don’t Get Excited)

Mythbusters Woopsie

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