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Podcrafting For Weenies

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In this, the 73rd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The guys (*ahem* and lady, thank you!) discuss a Japanese delicacy that only an asexual man could prepare.  We also speak to each other in the fourth language as only a true Minecraft-ian can! We learn that not only in Minecraft can you build the starship Enterprise, and if you’re willing you can build a relationship too. K.I.A. obviously has a hard time relating to “real” people, but in the Matrix he is “The One.” Especially to Elerain! A few other things are covered as well, like if you’re over 400lbs you’re likely too fat to burn! Movie theater etiquette is discussed as well.  Such as, do you hold seats for people or not? This could get you and your whole family murdered if you answer incorrectly! It’s good to be back on iTunes! Youre letters were well received! :)Press Play NOW!!!


Sign of the Apocalypse

Weenie; It’s What’s For Dinner

Burning Fat

Woman Has “Her Way” With Man

Cat Lady To Put All Other Cat Ladies To Shame

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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When News Breaks, We Point And Laugh

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