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Playground Treasures And Wedding Balls

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In this, the 61st episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Can you hear the church bells ringing?  He did it, Mr. Know-it-all married the Ninja! After exactly 50 episodes (See: Episode 11: This Robot I Thee Wed) K.I.A. is now a married man. Which after further review from the TLPS “Extensive Research Division” we have come to the conclusion that the poor Ninja now has nothing to live for!  K.I.A. you made her life and ended it all with two simple words. “I Do!” Now the question remains…the one on every listeners mind.  “Did he do the deed?” LISTEN HERE TO FIND OUT! (And then wonder if prior to posting this episode: “Did The Ninja actually make him remove/edit his answer?!”Also, the Ninja took not one set of balls that night but two!  All because “Friend of the Show” @NIck_Twist wanted to say congratulations and the Angry Ginger was either Smart enough or dumb enough to try and make this happen!  Legends have been born for daring to do less people! Either way it was something that The Kilted One dared not watch! Balls of Steel!We also interview a listener who can shoot the wings off a fly before the blink of an eye! If that’s not enough we move into headlines and quickly turn a poor kids misfortune into a much worse sounding circumstance!  Hey, it’s sort of what we do on The Last Podcaster Standing! Equal opportunity offenders and all! It’s just for laughs people…if you like to laugh then do what so many have done before you…Click Play and become a #TLPS FAN-Angry Ginger


Girl Finds Gum On Playground

UK Firefighters Not Allowed To Rescue

Smallest Geezer

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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