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This week on Podcasting 101 we talk to @MelissaKCraig from The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkinson Podcast about “How Podcasting has changed her life”. Then after that, it’s ALL about the Pizza, the Beer and the Revolution. First up, their assistant PBRKelly, who herself is a fan of podcasts chimes in to give a review on one of her favorite podcasts. What podcast might that be? Well, it’s the “What Say You” podcast from Brian “Q” Quinn of TESD fame and Sal Vulcano, both from the hit television show The Impractical Jokers.

After the review we kick it into full PBR gear (Pizza Beer Revolution) when Matt…sorry…MIKE and Joe join myself and Jeremy (McBlizzard) for a discussion on podcasting. This is a great interview where we talk about what makes a good podcast. We also cover creating video content for your show, the true power of your podcast website and we share a few tips and tricks through out the interview that are sure to help out any podcaster! You can find this podcast on itunes and stitcher as well as over on twitter via @PizzaBeerRev

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