TLPS - 74

No Fun For Pregnant Nuns

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In this, the 74th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Well here we are back again since the last time…we were umm…back again!  All 5 of us.  That is to say, until we are not.  We start off talking about Joe and Tom’s trip to the windy city and how they finally let their thirds meet.  Then TK1 decides to warm us all by apologizing to the Fun Sponge for months…or was it years of abuse? Abuse for being a Fun Sponge at being a cheap ass!  Well don’t that moment of unapologetic honesty change the way you view the show because then of course we go into headlines.  But it’s not the headlines as much as its G.G.’s joke book that takes the show to an all new level of depravity.  Sorry TK1. In the end it’s good to know that you and only you will be saved by The Holy Ghost!


36hr Epic Struggle

Piercing Headache

Titanic II

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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When News Breaks, We Point And Laugh

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